Review of the iSkin solo FX SE

I have tried a lot of cases for the iPhone.  I have been on a bit of a quest to find the perfect case.  Most recently I tried out the iSkin solo FX SE, available for $34.99 from the iSkin site.

The solo FX SE comes in three varieties, clear, black, and pink, while its cousin the solo FX comes in purple, red, orange, blue, and green.  I have had trouble finding a pink case that I like, in a shade that isn’t too obnoxious, so I was eager to try this one out.

The solo FX SE is easy to put on and remove from the iPhone, but it also has a snug fit, with a nice seal around the edges that should hopefully prevent dust from getting in the ridge around the screen.  The case itself is a rubbery material somewhat reminiscent of those jelly shoes from the 80s.  It has a nice feel in the hand, however, with the texture on the back keeping it from being too slippery.  The iSkin site informs us that the case is treated with a substance called “Microban” to “inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria.”  That sounds good to me, especially in this age of H1N1.

The case is well-made and fits correctly over the ports.  The on/off switch and volume buttons are covered.  The keys are a little bit difficult to press in the case, requiring a firm touch to activate.  The camera, headphone port, and docking port are exposed.  The opening for the headphone port is perfect for the headphones themselves and works with my Monster cassette adapter for my car, but another cassette adapter that I have does not work with this case because its cable attachment is too large.

You can see through the back of the case to see the Apple logo, a feature I love.  It always seems like a shame to me to have a beautiful device like the iPhone completely covered by a case, so it’s nice to be able to see the phone itself.

Overall, I like the case for its attractive design and protective features.  For $34.99, I think a case should be excellent, and this one does not miss the mark.  The case also comes with screen protectors with a mirror-like finish when the device is off.   I have not yet tried the screen protectors, as I currently have my favorite Power Support Anti-Glare screen protector in place.

1.  Offers good level of protection without adding bulk.
2.  Attractive.
3.  Antibacterial!
4.  You can see the Apple logo through the case.

1.  The buttons are a bit difficult to press.
2.  May not work with all accessories requiring headphone port.



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