Using Disney touring plans on an iPhone


Lots of savvy Disney travelers these days go in with a strategy. Yes, it takes some of the spontaneity out of the experience, but if being spontaneous means standing in line for hours and hours, I’ll go with a little planning. But carrying a stack of touring plans around with you all day can be a little inconvenient.

Again, the iPhone can solve your problem. If you are a subscriber to the Unofficial Guide’s touring plans, or are using one of their free sample plans, here’s how you can bring it with you:

1. Go to the website and customize a plan for your date of travel.

2. Save it as a .jpg to your computer.

3. Put the plan, now a picture file, in whatever folder you use to sync pictures with your iPhone/iPod touch (I have a folder for that called, creatively, Mobile Pictures).

4. Now you can view your touring plan on your iPhone in the Pictures app. You can rotate it and zoom in and out just as you would with any picture.

5. No more paper necessary!


5 Responses to “Using Disney touring plans on an iPhone”

  1. travelwiththemagic Says:

    Cute idea! If you love Disney and the Grand you should come and check out and

  2. travelwiththemagic Says:

    I post a link about you article on my blog!

  3. medgirl2001 Says:

    Thanks for the link! I have checked out your site before – great site about the Grand Floridian!

  4. hwork Says:


    Sorry we missed this earlier–thanks so much for the shoutout and iPhone idea! We'll definitely be working trying to get Touring Plans on the iPhone easier. This seems to be a great solution for now.



  5. medgirl2001 Says:

    Henry-thanks for the comment and for all the work you guys do! is a terrific resource.

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