Come and Trip It

I’ve recently discovered the website TripIt, which is an online travel itinerary planner. I was planning a trip for eight people, with everyone having slightly different travel plans, confirmation numbers, etc. I started to try to make an Excel spreadsheet to make sense of the madness, but then I found TripIt, and was very impressed. It’s a free service that lets you enter your travel info and make an itinerary, complete with all the information you need for your trip – transportation, dinner reservations, events, etc. You can add pictures to personalize it. It even lets you forward confirmation e-mails to the service, which them automatically includes things like your flight info or hotel reservations in the itinerary. You can then export your plans to Outlook or as a vCard. You can share your plans with the other participants online, and let your fellow travelers make their own adjustments. This solved my problems for the trip, and I had fun adding pictures and details to it.

TripIt has a mobile site as well, which you can use from your mobile phone. They recently came out with an iPhone app, which is free and a nice addition. It’s a little buggy in the information it presents, and it isn’t as complete as the main site, but it gets the job done when you need to have quick access to your travel plans. It sure beats digging confirmation numbers out of your suitcase when you’re trying to check in at the hotel!


The recent update for the TripIt iPhone app has fixed several of the bugs, such as only including some of the travelers for a given event. It is still a simplified version of what is available on the complete site, but that is understandable, given that it is a mobile app.


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